OSHAC 50 Hours Committee


Many states require fully trained safety committee/team members. Trained safety committee members are critical in helping the committee/team function successfully and achieve its goals. Occupational Safety and Health American Council (OSHAC) develop this program for committee/team members to understand their purpose and fulfill their roles as valuable internal consultants within the company.


Individual Benefits

Whether you volunteered or were invited to be a member of your employer's safety committee, by completing this program you will be able to:

  • Take important first steps to reach your safety career goals.
  • Learn how to be part of your safety committee or team.
  • Help change the safety culture of your company.
  • Show your initiative as a positive asset within your company.

Business Benefits

Did you know a safety committee/team should functions as an internal consultant group within their organization? When used and trained properly, a safety committee/team can:

  • Provide a common foundation for your safety and health committee/team members.
  • Improve the safety culture within your company.
  • Help identify workplace hazards.
  • Reduce workplace injury rates.
  • Improve communication between management and staff.
  • Reduce workplace injury claims.

Intended Audience

OSHAC designed this training program for current and future safety and health committee or team members. This program also benefits individuals seeking to reach their career goal of becoming a safety committee members. This program helps you develop the essential skills you will need to fulfill your role as a committee member.

What is the right career path for you?

There are several safety positions with different levels of responsibility in an Occupational Safety and Health career path. Each advancing level typically requires higher levels of experience, education, and knowledge and skills in leadership, business practices, safety and health, and communication and information technology.
OSHAC wants to help our students who want to learn about these career opportunities..

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